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You save time, save money and increase productivity with RescuTechs Managed IT Services.  You get IT experts who manage your technology and keep your company moving forward.

RescuTechs Unlimited includes unlimited IT Support, 50% off on-site service, unlimited-data off-site backups, 24/7/365 monitoring and management, IT security solutions, disaster recovery solutions, patch management, and more. It’s perfect for small business, and it’s affordable.

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Managed IT Services in Prescott, AZ

Computer Repair Prescott

Our award-winning onsite computer repair and computer support services have helped literally thousands of people get the most from the technology they depend on.

The difference is our Techs. They’re friendly, tenacious and highly trained computer repair specialists, and they’re at your service! All RescuTechs Computer Technicians are A+ Certified by CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association), and all have at least ten years of experience in the field.

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Computer Repair Services in Prescott, AZ

Laptop Repair

With RescuTechs, you get veteran, certified laptop repair specialists to diagnose and efficiently repair your sytem. RescuTechs repairs all brands of laptop computers, including ASUS, Alienware, Gateway, Acer, Panasonic, Lenovo, Sony, Fujitsu, Dell, Toshiba, HP, etc.

Whether it is a problem with Windows or your Apple operating system, lost or deleted data, a virus infection, a broken LCD screen or touch screen / digitizer, a damaged laptop keyboard, or a damaged power jack, we’ve got the A+ Certified laptop technicians to make your laptop like new again.

To schedule your laptop repair service, call us at: (928) 499-3996

The hands of a computer technician using a small screwdriver on a CPU fan / heatsink screw of a disassembled laptop.

Laptop Repair Services

New Computer Setup

Congrats on your new computer! Now, let us set it up properly, so you can get the most out of it! Not only will we unbox everything and place the hardware exactly where you want it, we’ll transfer all of your data to your new machine, install your favorite software, get you on the Internet, setup and connect your printer(s) and other peripherals, and organize all those pesky wires. Finally, we’ll show you around your new hardware and operating system. Piece of cake!

A complete, professional service to minimize your trouble and get you back to work or play fast!

Call us now to schedule your small business or home computer setup service at: (928) 499-3996

A new Lenovo all-in-one computer, keyboard and mouse with Windows 11 Desktop on screen.

Computer Setup Service in Prescott AZ

Wireless Networks

A wireless network is all about convenience. You can work or play on your various devices anywhere in your home or at your small business.

The wireless network experts at RescuTechs can setup your wireless networking hardware and configure it so that you get a strong, fast connection anywhere in your home or small business. After setting up thousands of wireless networks over the years, we have developed the techniques and skills to get it done fast, and get it done right.

Call us to order your wireless network service at: (928) 499-3996

A Netgear Nighthawk router.

Wireless Network Services

Data Recovery Prescott

Don’t panic. We can get your data back. Our veteran data recovery experts can save your data from just about any data storage device, including hard disk drives, SSD drives (Solid State Drives), USB drives, cameras, flash memory cards, CDs, DVDs, RAID arrays, tapes, and more.

Our data recovery services cover all brands of hard disk drives, including, Seagate, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor, and Western Digital, etc. Data Recovery Services offered by RescuTechs include desktop PC data recovery, external hard-drive recovery, RAID data recovery, laptop PC data recovery, and file recovery.

Here we come to save the day! Call our recovery experts at: (928) 499-3996

A gloved data recovery technician using a small screwdriver to disassemble a hard disk drive.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services in Prescott AZ

Virus Removal

Is your computer slow? Got strange pop-ups? Your browser have a mind of its own? Are you hearing strange warning messages from your PC? You might have a computer virus or malware.

For over a decade, the expert virus removal technicians at RescuTechs have removed viruses and malware from our customers’ PCs, and even some Macs. We support Macs and Windows. We remove the viruses and malware that even your antivirus system can’t. Your computer will run faster, guaranteed. So, whether it’s adware, browser hijackers, pesky toolbars and add-ons, trojan viruses, spyware, ransomware, or the dreaded rootkit virus, count on RescuTechs to save the day!

How to remove a computer virus? Call RescuTechs at: (928) 499-3996

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Virus Removal and Protection Services

Speed Up My Computer!

Don’t you just hate waiting on a slow computer? Ugh. Bring that half-dead computer back to life! Call RescuTechs! The list of things we do to speed up slow computer is too long to list here, but a short-list would include a virus and malware scan, operating system clean up, fix registry problems, optimize your operating system, optimize for security, stop unwanted programs from running in the background, uninstall unwanted software, update everything, install updated drivers, update and optimize your browser settings, etc. Whew!

A guarantee? Yep. If your computer is not running a lot faster after our tune-up, you won’t owe us a dime. Easy.

How do I speed up my computer? By calling RescuTechs at: (928) 499-3996

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How To Speed Up My Computer

Small Business IT Services

  • Managed IT Services
  • Help Desk + Remote Support
  • On-Site Support in 24 Hours or Less
  • Website Design & SEO
  • Printer Support
  • Wireless Networks
  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Antivirus Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Management as a Service

In-Home Services

  • Residential Managed Services
  • Remote Support
  • Computer Repair Prescott
  • Home Computer Setup Services
  • Printer Setup & Support
  • Wireless Router Setup & Support
  • Laptop Repair
  • Data Backup & Data Recovery
  • Virus Removal
  • "Speed Up My Computer"

Remote Support Services

  • A Local, Expert Technician, Every Time
  • No Fix-No Fee Guarantee
  • New Device Setup
  • Printer Setup & Support
  • Virus Removal
  • Email Support
  • Software Help & Troubleshooting
  • Computer Tune-Up
  • Wireless Router Support
  • Network Setup, Support & Security

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“Very professional, knowledgable and efficient employees (technicians). I am very happy with the service. I always feel that I have learned valuable new information from the technicians.”

“A great service. RescuTechs always finds a way to fix whatever problem I encounter.”

“Reasonable, friendly, and they fix the problem. They are honest and gave me alternatives to fixing my computer. They have established themselves as a reputable computer repair service and I would recommend RescuTechs highly.”

“I have recommended RescuTechs to others. I am comfortable with your staff and the level of expertise. Your technicians are confident, thorough, and patient when answering questions–these seem to be the standards for your staff. Every time your technicians make a service call I have learned something new. They explain things in a way that I can understand.”

“Very helpful–the technician made sure my backup was working and helped set up my DirecTV On-Demand. My desktop was cleaned-up and speed improved–great service!”

“The technician did a fine job. He was on time and knew his stuff. He did what was necessary and renewed my Eset NOD32 Antivirus. Things are working great now.”

“Exactly what we needed–desperately. Terrific work! Thorough and complete in his explanations.”

“Wonderful! RescuTechs always comes as soon as possible, they take the time to answer my questions and show me how to do things. Regardless of how silly I may think my question is they always explain and show me what to do. Can’t ask for anything more.”

“Great! RescuTechs responded quickly and fixed our problem quickly. They are professional and knowledgeable. We no longer have to live in fear or panic regarding our computer issues.”

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate Etsel’s help with my new computer set-up. Etsel seems to be a patient man and a person would need to be in order to put up with a non-tech individual such as myself. I’ll be getting a hold of RescuTechs in the future for various issues or concerns that I may have. It was a good experience dealing with the professionals at RescuTechs.”

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